new software launched: 01-JUN-2021 by William D. Bach

We are proud to announce the latest version of our Data Entry App (DEA 2.0), a cloud-based financing software specifically designed by invoitix. Today’s release delivers innovative new features allowing clients to submit transportation data and documents online and track the status of invoices throughout the accounts receivables process. With transaction descriptions visible for every action completed, the app provides clients with complete transparency throughout an invoice’s lifecycle. The DEA 2.0 can be used on any device ranging from desktops to smartphones allowing clients to work from wherever they have access to internet.

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Funding round successfully closed: 16-OCT-2020 by William D. Bach

The management team of invoitix is proud to announce the successful closing of its Series-A funding round worth € 2 million! In just two years, invoitix has increased to more than 4’000 accounts with invoicing services offered literally in every European country. The company has serviced over this period more than 50’000 invoices worth € 17. million. This year, two new subsidiaries in Spain and Serbia were established. The funding will accelerate invoitix’s expansion throughout Europe, pushing into Poland, Estonia, Portugal and Romania before the end of the year. Additionally, invoitix’s digital infrastructure will be further developed offering employees and clients more functionalities.

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Corona Crisis Update: 11-MAY-2020 by William D. Bach

Today at invoitix ag, we returned to our office in Baden, Switzerland. All employees were given the choice to either continue working from home or join us in the office. Each employee will have to evaluate their commute to the office and consider the risk of infection, before deciding if they will rejoin us in the office. We hope the number of coronavirus cases continue to decrease in Switzerland and that also our clients in other European countries are slowly able to return to their businesses. Step by step, we will continue our daily operations, while keeping the health of our employees in mind.

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Corona Crisis Update: 17-APR-2020 by William D. Bach

Yesterday, on the 16th of April 2020 the Swiss government announced a plan to start reopening some businesses. Certain small business will be permitted to reopen on 27-APR. Younger children will be allowed to return to elementary schools on 11-MAY, while older children will be allowed to return to the high schools / universities on the 8-JUN. Switzerland is attending to return step-by-step back to business as usual. At invoitix, only one person is in the office at one time. All other employees still have “home-office” allowing us to operate at full capacity without any reduction of services. We hope that our clients are staying healthy and are able to continue their businesses during these difficult times.

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Home office: 13-Mar-2020 by William D. Bach

Friday the 13th of March 2020, the management of invoitix ag informed all employees that they have the option and are recommended to work from home to minimize the chances of a coronavirus infection. All clients can rest assured that the daily business of invoitix will continue without interruption throughout this crisis.

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New Software Update: 23-Oct-2019 by William D. Bach

On the 23rd of Oct, 2019 invoitix ag launched its latest software. Besides submitting invoices data and delivery documentation online, now clients are able to additionally view their daily payouts and the status of all invoices submitted to invoitix. This software launch was a major milestone in automating a previously manual processes, making the firm more efficient; bringing it closer to a fully digital fintech startup.

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New Office in Baden: 07-Jul-2019 by William D. Bach

In July 2019, invoitix ag began transferring its office and personal from the Stadtturmstrasse to Badstrasse 4 in Baden, Switzerland. With the new office, invoitix ag will have more office space to expand the number of resources in account management to handle the increased business volume. This move will ensure that the receivables management is handled in a professional and efficient manner.

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Data Entry App Launched: 15-May-2019 by William D. Bach

Targeting ease of use and customer convenience, invoitix ag introduced its proprietary software for data entry and document uploading. The Data Entry App reduces time required by clients to submit end-customer data, shipment data and freight order related documentation to invoitix. In-line with the company’s strategy to digitize every step of the invoicing process, the launch of this app fulfils an important milestone in the company’s history. Step-by-step, we aim to improve the efficiency of internal systems, providing more information readily at the fingertips of our clients.

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invoitix ag founded: 14-Jun-2018 by Urs van Stiphout

On the 14th of June 2018, invoitix ag was founded by Urs van Stiphout at the Stadtturmstrasse 19 in Baden, Switzerland. The startup supplies financing to logistics companies throughout Europe. It’s the first of its kind, a truly unique idea.

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