invoitix ag offers invoicing services to logistics companies active in cross-border deliveries throughout Europe. We purchase invoices and manage accounts receivables, providing logistics companies with a quick (48 hours) turn around on badly needed cash. Reducing time and resources required for contacting customers in foreign countries to receive payment of open receivables.

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Our product portfolio includes financial services for logistics companies operating in continental Europe, including EU and non-EU countries. We offer our invoicing services to any size of logistics company, ranging from large international transport corporations to medium sized fleet-owned firms, down to single sprinter startups. invoitix’s team speaks all major European languages and helps logistics companies concentrate on doing what they do best; deliver to the right location on time. The majority of our business is based on invoice purchasing. Make a delivery and submit the data through our online app and we payout within 48 hours minus our low fees. A smaller, but growing portion of our business concentrates on simply servicing invoices, which means, you supply us with the delivery data and we secure the payment from your end customer quickly and efficiently. Below, are our current offerings:

  • Invoice purchasing (payment within 48 hours)
  • Invoice servicing (payment when debtor pays invoitix)
  • Invoice collection (payment when debtor pays invoitix – fees charged only if successful)

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Clients of invoitix can access our apps anywhere they have access to internet. Being a young fin-tech startup in Europe, invoitix had no legacy IT system built on an in-house network of costly servers. We started immediately with a cloud-based app accessible to our client base anywhere internet is available. Our app for viewing invoices statuses and daily payment reports was developed to allow a client to view the app from any device they choose. Be it, a desktop, tablet or mobile device, our clients can find access the information they need at their fingertips. And we continue with the development. We are automating our invoice processing; basing it on the experience of our team translated into algorithms, increasing the efficiency of our workflows and reducing the overall risk management inherent in accounts receivable management.

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On a daily basis, logistics firms are transporting goods throughout Europe using an extensive systems of roads and highways. On a daily basis, invoitix is contacting more than 4’000 different European companies confirming that payments will be made on time. Invoitix has a team of account representatives that are able to clearly and easily discuss invoicing and controlling issues in the language of your debtor. We are extremely proud of the quality of support our team delivers and are convinced you will be too!

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